This project was really one of my favorites because it had an immediate positive impact on people’s lives. Each student in the SAM school had a home room teacher. But with all the things that had to get done, sometimes teachers would not have time to report important student stories to the homeroom teacher.

Together we came up with a solution for an online tracker to track story based progress throughout the year instead of trying to recall information about a student right before the twice-yearly parent/teacher conferences.

Step 1: Choose a student

This is the page a teacher is sent to after logging in. They can quickly select the student they wish to write about.

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Step 2: Writing the story

Any teacher or volunteer with a login can write about any student.

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Step3: Viewing the stories

This screen shows what a homeroom teacher might see when looking up one of their students. Only the homeroom teacher or an administrator could read the stories about any given student.

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Google Web Hosting on a Budget

The school had no ongoing web budget so I was able to program it for the Google App Engine, which is free for small sites like this. Because of this, the school had no monthly site hosting fees at all!