This is an app I made for myself based on a problem I wanted to solve.  Essentially it’s a LMGTFY clone but with a “soft touch”. I’m not sure how soft it was. In the end, I don’t think it solved the problem but the site looks cool and I learned a lot.

The history is that I’ve worked for years in Adult Basic Education, teaching basic skills like reading, writing, and math to folks well into their adulthood. What’s weird about this is that

  1. These folks never did well in a school setting AND
  2. School settings are pretty lousy for these “skill and drill” activities.

So often as an instructor I would get questions like “What’s the nearest library?” or “Where do I take my GED test?” I never knew the answer but I would search for it on the internet and give the answer to the students.

I want to be clear that these students would have internet capable phones and knew how to search. And additionally they would have trouble getting this information, often being told misleading or wrong information by people.

However, they did not consider “Hey, I should search for that!” Or if they did, they would quickly give up. It’s what the site Let Me Google That For You was designed to solve. However, I didn’t want to be snarky or rude, I wanted to give them the help, but also in a helpful and positive way.

What the sender sees

You can enter in search terms into the box and copy automatically to your clipboard using zeroclipboard.

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What the recipient sees

When the recipient follows the link, they see a variety of search tips and can follow the search the sender already made.

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So I made Search Learner. I just used straight html/css/javascript but it was fun because I got to practice a bit more with the whole yo/bower/grunt setup. Seemed pretty cool and made it a cinch to have a decent looking site in now time at all.

Fundamentally, it’s hard to confront peoples’ perceptions of themselves and technology might not have a large role in that. And emotions are strong enough that it would take a special student not be taken aback. That having been said, try it out and see if this is something that could work for you.

What do you think? Drop me a line and let me know!

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