is a tool to create and host murder mystery dinner parties, the kind where guests are invited to come as themed characters, get clues and solve a murder over a good meal. Throughout the meal characters receive clues and instructions.

Users may choose a template, customize it, invite guests and print everything you need to host a fancy dress party. It manages login sessions, client registration, event management and automated guest invites.

The site was coded in Python using the Django framework. While there is only barebones graphic design, these pages show robust data models with dynamic queries and form validation. I conceptualized this site from the beginning using wireframing, use cases, and database mapping. I would be happy to provide examples of these tools.

Admin Interface

Through the administration portal, admin users can modify site content, modify user settings, and change settings. This screenshot of the character creation page shows how characters are associated with a particular dinner party template. These characters can be marked as templates in order to be reused in other parties.
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Users can host events, customizing almost every aspect. They can add characters, acts, instructions, as well as the time and place of the party.

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Browse View

This barebones page shows various ways of browsing popular murder mystery parties by age group, theme, holiday, and ratings.

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Host Customization

Party hosts can add or change clues or instructions that guests will receive. Each dropdown menu is linked to a query that includes only characters and acts that are associated with this party and theme. As characters are added or removed the list updates. The form knows if you are editing or creating a new instruction.
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