Fashion Index is an exclusive interior design studio in San Francisco. The client need a small and elegant site and blog they could update that matched their branding. Based on PDFs they gave me, I was able to create something beautiful for them.

Choosing WordPress as a platform

WordPress was an excellent choice for them because they wanted a site and blog that they could maintain themselves without much struggle. If you’re not familiar with WordPress you should read my post on what clients should know when considering WordPress.

Elegance for all browsers

Fashion Index Site on a PC

Fashion Index had decided on the layout and design based on their staff graphic designer. Part of my job was to make sure their graphic design concepts also translated to the web. Unlike graphic design, web design can be viewed on computers as well as phones, tablets, and other electronic devices, each with a different screen size and resolution.

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Fashion Index Site on iPhone

The result is a responsive website that displays differently for mobile browsers than for larger screens, resulting in the best of both worlds.

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