I am an artist and a graphic designer. Below are some graphic design projects that I’m proud of. You can view my art webpage at nathanlivni.com.

Progress School Austin

Progress School Austin is a new school that needed a no-frills logo and website so they could be contacted for by prospective parents and and communicate their philosophy. We chose a Wordpress site that they could easily update themselves.

Oh, Science! Logo & Posters

An improv comedy troupe in Austin, TX -- Oh, Science! spins strong characters, smart dialogue, and wild energy into a half-hour longform performance.

Magician vs Clown Branding

Magician vs Clown is an Austin based comedy show based on two characters who can’t stand each other – but who also, quite possibly, can’t live without one another. The logo needed to be something that addressed this powerful theme.

Echolocation Logo

The name of the recording studio is inspired by the story of a blind person who learned to see via echolocation. The client asked for a logo that resembled the old Eveready logo but with a bat instead of a cat.

Green Heat Advertisement

Green Heat contacted me to do four versions of a print advertisement coupon. They were very pleased.

"Out of Print" Literature Publication Cover

Out of Bounds is an annual comedy festival held in Austin, TX that boasts stand-up comedy, improvised comedy, and sketch from national and international performance groups.