Hi, I’m Nathan Livni. If you came to this site because you are considering working with me, I’d like to share some things about myself.

I love learning

I’ve never felt comfortable when I was not actively learning. This constant curiosity has pushed me into art, programming, and design. It is not that I’m seeking anything in particular, what motivates me is the joy I feel in learning and growing. Long after everyone else is bored, I’m the guy who is still plugging away in order to increase my knowledge and skill set.

I love the web

I’ve been making websites for 20 years and still love it. My first website (geocities) was an underground high school zine and it opened my eyes to the freedom of communication that the internet provided. In addition to designing and implementing websites I also provide consulting and training whether you’re trying to update your WordPress site or learning HTML and CSS.

I love simplicity

I won’t let distractions get in the way of the experience. Often fewer words get to the point faster. I keep my designs clear and crisp so your ideas can be highlighted.