This is a collection of web projects I’ve been working on. Some are not styled but are designed to showcase my programming skills rather than design skills.

Vintage City Maps Ecommerce Site

Hal has a business selling vintage maps online. He had over 350 maps in his inventory when his old internet provider went out of business and he needed the site updated. He also wanted a shopping cart which he could connect with Quickbooks.
Fashion Index site on a computer browser

Fashion Index

Fashion Index is an exclusive interior design studio in San Francisco. The client need a small and elegant site and blog they could update that matched their branding. Based on PDFs they gave me, I was able to create something beautiful for them.

McGraw-Hill Online Coursework

For three years I was the project manager overseeing the instructional design of this online course series. My design role involved conceptualizing and designing the interactive objects for the flash team.

Search Learner App: Fighting Learned Helplessness

This is an app I made for myself based on a problem I wanted to solve. Essentially it's a LMGTFY clone but with a "soft touch". I'm not sure how soft it was. In the end, I don't think it solved the problem but the site looks cool and I learned a lot.

Austin Community College

Worked as a Web Specialist II for 5 years. Served on Web Advisory Committee to the college board. While there I worked with stakeholders in the Adult Education Department to overhaul the site, create and staff in using a faculty website, and oversee the college's move to the Wordpress framework for department sites.

Fill In The News Application

You can make your own The Onion style news articles with this awesome mad lib style news generator. The site is programmed in Python on the Django Framework.

Resume Site for a Magic Scholar

Created a small, elegant portfolio site for magic scholar, Joe Culpepper.
Coldtowne Theater Blog Screenshot

Coldtowne Theater Blog

An interesting project because the owners wanted to keep their current MediaWiki site but create a Wordpress blog that integrated seamlessly with the existing design.
TASB Main Page

Texas Association of School Boards

TASB has many different sites and services in their suite of products that they offer to school boards across the state. Each of these needed to be reviewed, documented, and have their templates updated to the new Kentico CMS system. My role was to update templates for modern browsers which were, at the time, based on 10 year old legacy code.

Story Tracker Web Application

This project was really one of my favorites because it had an immediate positive impact on people's lives. Each student in the SAM school had a home room teacher. But with all the things that had to get done, sometimes teachers would not have time to report important student stories to the homeroom teacher.

Improv Assassins Game

Have you played the nerf game "Assassins"? If you have, you know it can be complicated to update who is trying to target who. This website was a beautiful solution to this problem. is a powerful tool to create and host murder mystery dinner parties, the kind where guests are invited to come as themed characters, get clues and solve a murder over a good meal. Throughout the meal characters receive clues and instructions.